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  • Volunteer to Clean Up the Oil Spill


    Oil is starting to cover the beaches and wildlife of Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Millions more gallons of crude may continue to hit these shorelines. Tonic readers, here's how you can help! The images and cries of oil-covered bird...

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  • Increase Impact of Your Nonprofit's Emails


    Q: Is it necessary (or valuable) to include a caveat at the end of emails coming from our organization? Dear Nancy, I enjoy reading the Getting Attention e-update and am glad to have an opportunity to improve our communications practice. Here’s th...

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  • How to Raise Money for a Nonprofit


    The word “business” sometimes has a negative connotation in the world of social activism. However, business doesn’t have to be an ugly word – in fact, it’s a necessary part of any organization that relies on money to function, including nonprofits...

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  • 30 Twitter Tips for the NonProfit Worker


    Twitter can be a great resource–if you know how to use it. Here are 30 tips for nonprofit people who want to learn how to use Twitter to network and share information: 1. Determine your purpose
 Before spending any amount of time on Twitter, you s...

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  • Motivating Without Money


    Keeping employees engaged is critical during an economic downturn. Here are some smart ways to do it. In the months after September 11, as business activity slowed to a crawl, Steve Kerr, then the chief learning officer at Goldman Sachs (GS), laun...

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