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  • Haiti Holds Day of Mourning on Quake Anniversary


    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- Atop the rubble of destroyed churches, in parks and on sidewalks, thousands of Haitians prayed Friday in a national day of mourning, one month after a magnitude-7 earthquake killed more than 200,000 and left this Cari...

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  • Private Colleges Aim to Rein In Loan-Free Financial Aid


    In the last year, the nation's private colleges have laid off staff, shelved construction projects, slashed sports teams and turned down thermostats to cut costs. But student financial aid has kept flowing. Now the weak economy is forcing some ins...

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  • 10 Most Generous Cities in the U.S. in 2009


    Last year was a banner year for charity when it came to online giving. Indeed, despite a difficult economy, more than $284 million was donated online by the 273 large cities ranked by Convio in 2009, up from almost $240 million raised in 2008. The...

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  • Haiti judge: Detained Americans should be released


    PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) -- The Haitian judge deciding whether 10 U.S. missionaries should face trial on charges of trying to take a busload of children out of the country said Thursday he will recommend that they be released provisionally while...

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  • Obama report: 95,000 jobs to come each month


    WASHINGTON (AP) - The United States is likely to average 95,000 more jobs each month this year, while personal savings will remain high as credit remains tight, according to a White House report released Thursday. The Council of Economic Advisers...

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