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  • How to Make Your Haiti Donations Count


    The humanitarian crisis in Haiti has compelled millions of people to pick up their phones. Not because they want to talk about it, but because they want to help. In the aftermath of the Jan. 12 earthquake, pictures of hollow-eyed children outside ...

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  • States struggle to keep top teachers


    ATLANTA (AP) -- Most states are holding tight to policies that protect incompetent teachers and poor training programs, shortchanging educators and their students before new teachers even step into the classroom, according to a new national report...

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  • Report: College endowments suffer huge declines


    College and university endowments suffered huge losses in the fiscal year that ended last June, a new report finds, but stronger investment returns in recent months point to a rebound. The global economic crisis shrunk the ranks of billion-dollar ...

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  • Nonprofit pushes education leadership jobs


    Graduate students working toward degrees in business, law or public policy might find an unusual recruiter at their next job fair. Here's the pitch: Forget about that cushy firm job. Why not work for a public school or an education nonprofit? You ...

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  • School's in, despite Tiger's many woes


    ANAHEIM, Calif. — Outside the Tiger Woods Learning Center, visitors are welcomed with a message etched in concrete and another time. "Tiger," it says, "thank you for being an adult role model." Inside, past a huge bronze sculpture of Woods and his...

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