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  • Salvation Army Receives Forged Holiday Check


    CHARLESTON, S.C. (AP) -- The Salvation Army thought it had received a grand gift ahead of Christmas - a $25,000 check. But the donation turned out to be an expensive hoax that may force the charity to cut back on winter assistance for the needy. I...

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  • Setback Becomes Springboard for Nonprofit Career


    On Aug. 24, 2005, Kirt Barden was a veteran corporate manager with a thriving new business. On Aug. 25, Hurricane Katrina blew it all away. Barden, 57, lost 80 percent of his personal assets in the storm, but what he gained was much greater. In th...

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  • Texas Nonprofit Leaders Create Networking Circle


    Leaders of local nonprofit organizations are putting their heads together to share ideas, seek solutions and collaborate efforts. The Nonprofit Network of the Golden Crescent, the group's new working name awaiting approval of the majority of its m...

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  • Skill-Based Volunteerism Helps in Tight Economy


    As many in the non-profit community prepare resolutions and goals for the New Year, some are considering the challenges they will face as the corporations they depend on for financial support continue to restructure and reassess their giving. Delo...

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  • Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon


    Hollywood's awards season is just beginning, and Kevin Bacon has already won. The 51-year-old actor, nominated for Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globe awards for his starring turn in the TV movie "Taking Chance," will receive the Joel Siegel Awar...

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