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  • Whole Foods Markets Start New Campaign in 2010 for Nonprofits


    To kick off the New Year, Whole Foods Market invites shoppers to share their aspirations for living and giving through in-store declarations and a new Facebook application that will give back to three national non-profit food organizations. In lie...

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  • Weeding out charity facts, myths for end-of-year donations


    Charities say the end of each year brings in a flood of donations, as many direct their money towards causes that warrant a tax write-off. This year, organizations like the United Way of Horry County are urging residents to donate as they work tow...

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  • Nonprofit scrutiny


    We are all responsible for deciding which charities we will, and will not, support. But we also need some government help that we aren't getting. McClatchy Newspapers recently reported that a small number of nonprofit organization executives in ot...

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  • Merchant Account Provider, BluePay, Offers Payment Processing Services for Nonprofit Organizations


    An industry leader in credit card processing and small business merchant account services headquartered in the Chicago suburbs, BluePay has announced a new payment processing solution that allows nonprofit companies to streamline donations safely ...

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  • Utah arts get a jump-start


    For a nonprofit arts organization only 10 years old, Spy Hop is precocious, if not downright robust, for its age. Rick Wray, executive director who co-founded the multimedia education center for youth, holds court over 17 full-time employees. An e...

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