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  • The Pros and Cons of Switch to Nonprofit Realm


    The poor job market has led many job seekers to be creative, seeking work in fields they may not have explored before. But for those who believe moving from a for-profit arena into the nonprofit world may give them more options, the transition may...

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  • Unemployment rate unchanged as 36K jobs lost


    By CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABER WASHINGTON - The unemployment rate held at 9.7 percent in February as employers shed 36,000 jobs, fewer than expected. The figures suggested the job market is slowly healing but that significant hiring has yet to occur. T...

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  • Nonprofit groups face more IRS paperwork


    By Mark Glover, The Sacramento Bee, Calif. Mar. 5--Nonprofit groups are paying a price for the corporate and accounting misdeeds of Enron, Tyco International and others nearly a decade ago. That price is manifested in increased tax-preparation and...

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  • House passes jobs bill despite doubts


    WASHINGTON – Despite doubts among many lawmakers that it will create many jobs, the House on Thursday passed legislation giving companies that hire the jobless a temporary payroll tax break. The measure passed 217-201 on a mostly party-line vote. ...

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  • How to Politely Refuse a Plastic Bag


    This flyer by the fashion illustrator Julia Durgee offers tongue-in-cheek responses you can employ when a store clerk tries to give you a plastic bag that you don't want, and which will contribute to the planet's ruin. See the Full Flyer! [photo:...

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