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10 Step Guide to Finding a Nonprofit Job!

10 Step Guide to Finding a Nonprofit Job!

Saunders M. /NonProfitPeople

Common Misconceptions about Nonprofit Careers

Professionals new to the nonprofit field often have an idealistic impression of how working in the sector would be. Although would ideally be working for a cause you are passionate about, there are many difficulties that are unique to nonprofits that you should consider before jumping in. If you are considering a job in this sector, you should think about the pros and cons to decide if the reality is really a good fit for you. Here are some things to mull over:


Salary Discrepancies-Take your financial situation into consideration before you make a decision. A nonprofit job may be a significant pay cut but then again your bottom line is a social investment now.

Limited Resources- Nonprofits often have to do what they can with what they have so be prepared to be innovative.

High Burn Out Rates- Nonprofit employees are usually working without much funding or organizational support which can be wearing after awhile. Because of this nonprofit workers are often changing roles or organizations frequently, which on the positive side means there is high turnover and room for new employees.

Abstract goals- How does one measure their impact of fighting for equality or working to eradicate hunger? Often the impact on the mission of a nonprofit can be difficult to measure and may take years. Make sure you’re ok at chipping away with what may seem like an iceberg.


Wear Many Hats- You may be the program associate, grant writer and event planner. In a nonprofit, it’s all hands on deck so be sure you’re ready to dive in.

All hands in- Oftentimes since resources and staffing are tight you will take on greater responsibility in your position and have more flexibility about how the work is done. It is a great opportunity to learn and be involved in areas of interest to you.

Birds of a Feather- Work with like-minded people who care just as deeply as you do about making a difference.

Work with a Purpose- The greatest appeal of working in a nonprofit is you are able to contribute to a cause or organization you care about and want to benefit.

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