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10 Step Guide to Finding a Nonprofit Job!

10 Step Guide to Finding a Nonprofit Job!

Saunders M. /NonProfitPeople

Network. Network. Network!

One of the best moves for your job search is letting other people know you are looking for a job in the nonprofit field. Therefore, step away from your computer every now and again to do some meeting and greeting. Before you head out there though, take some time to prepare a few points you can use when introducing yourself to people. If you are new to the field, explain why you may be interested and if you familiar with nonprofits let them know about your skills. These points are called an “elevator pitch” and you can use these whenever you are about to meet people. Practice on friends and family too so you feel comfortable.

HHere are some suggestions of who to reach out to and how to look for networking opportunities:

• Talk with others who are job searching in the field too. They may have some insight to offer you on organizations you have in mind and could answer specific questions about a position too.

•Ask friends, family, past coworkers, neighborsif they know anyone involved in the nonprofit field. If they pass along a good lead, ask them to make an introduction and set up and informational interview where you can ask them more questions about their job.

•Look into alumni associations, nonprofit career fairs and nonprofit contacts from your alma mater. Your university’s Career Center should be able to point you in the right direction.

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•Sign up for nonprofit listservs, job forums, online groups and networking events.

•Join the Board of a nonprofit organization you are interested in or find someone who serves on the Board to reach out to.

•Vocalize your job search and interest online. Set your status on social networks asking for leads and explaining your interest.

•Talk to strangers. Yes, your mother may not agree but she will be happy when you land a job!

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