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5 Lessons Learned from My Horrible Jobs

5 Lessons Learned from My Horrible Jobs

What have your bad jobs taught you?

Christine | Monster Blog

When people find out I work for Monster, they often ask me for advice on their own careers. I tend to give standard guidance when people complain that they have a bad job, or are very unhappy professionally: Put your resume together, start looking and try not to let the situation get you down. It will pass.

But every experience — good or bad — teaches you life lessons, and work is no exception. Here are the top five lessons I’ve learned from jobs that were not a good fit:

You Can Survive a Bad Situation:

It may seem unbearable at the time, but you will muddle through and become stronger because of it. At the very least, you’re earning a paycheck, and at most, you’re picking up experience and skills for your resume.

Your Relationship with Your Boss Largely Controls Your Destiny at a Particular Job:

Interpersonal difficulties complicate your working life, but never more so than when the problem is with your supervisor. Make every effort to build a great working relationship with your manager. And if you can’t? Time to update that resume.

Having a Bad Job Will Make You Vet Future Opportunities More Carefully:

Whether there’s a toxic boss afoot, an ill-fitting corporate culture or general dysfunction, oftentimes there are warning signs before you take the job. Learn to tune in before you say yes to the opportunity to save yourself misery later.

Weekends Are Precious:

This is true even when you’re happy at work, but when you’re miserable, Saturday and Sunday become an oasis. Soak these moments up.

Quit the Right Way:

I remember counting the days until I could give my notice at a particular job. I had all kinds of things I wanted to say to my boss saved up in my head. When the day finally came, I simply quit and left out the theatrics. As tough as it was, I’m glad I held my tongue. You never know where people will pop up next.

What have your bad jobs taught you? Leave us a comment below.

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