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New Year, New Job Search Strategy

New Year, New Job Search Strategy

Sun Sentinel

It’s almost a new year and, for those who are unemployed, it may be a time for new job-hunting strategies. I’ve consulted with South Florida’s job market experts to avoid the mistakes of yester-year and get off to a running start in 2010.

Get back to basics

If you haven’t been getting interviews, it may be time to again review your resume, cover letters and approach. Seek help from a job-search or career transition expert.

“There are jobs out there. You have to make you’re sure presenting yourself in best possible way. Tweak your resume, writing it for the job you want, not the jobs you’ve done,” says Mason Jackson, chief executive of Workforce One.

“A common problem is they send resumes electronically and the program may scramble the resume when viewed at the other end. You have to send to somebody you know and see if it arrives,” he says.

Job applicants also often fail to follow the rules. “If the employer says ‘I don’t want to be contacted, please apply online,’ then apply online. Don’t send them your resume,” Jackson says.

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