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Job Hunting? Look for Constructive Criticism

Job Hunting? Look for Constructive Criticism

Winston-Salem Journal

Job-hunting Strategies

• Ask friends or acquaintances who manage and hire people to offer constructive criticism of your cover letter and resume.

• Ask those same friends to do a practice interview with you, providing “tough love” feedback.

• Apply immediately — with a tailored cover letter and resume — to attractive jobs; search for friends and colleagues who could act as referrals within the organization.

• Be selective about sending resumes rather than scatter-shooting.

• Be specific about the type of work and organizations that you find most interesting.

• Plan to network 80 percent of the time and use the Internet 20 percent.

• Be willing to explore opportunities outside your profession that match up with your job skills.

• Examine your real financial needs so as to be more open to opportunities that may pay less than what you want.

• Be willing to take a lower-paying job if it can serve as a steppingstone to another job inside or outside the company.

• Stay with your current job, rather than job searching full time, since many employers are more attracted to applicants who are employed.

Source: Andy Chan, the vice president of career development at Wake Forest University

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