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The 25 Species of Coworkers

Alice Handley and Kayla Baxter | NonProfitPeople

The Young Hopeful

What they do:

So recently-hired or -graduated they’ve practically got that new employee smell, The Young Hopeful is there to shake things up, turn things around, and drive the company to a bright new future. Too bad you stopped caring years ago. Every day, this character is a living reminder of how you used to be when you started out, and who wants that? You’ve worked hard to be the bitter shell of a person you are now.

How to deal:

Well, you must be a Bitter Oldtimer! All that optimism can get a little tiring at times, right? If you can’t take The Young Hopeful under your wing without dying a little bit inside, try putting yourself in their shoes. Or, watch a few episodes of Punky Brewster. If Henry could endure Punky, then we’re sure you can endure The Young Hopeful.

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