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4 Things the "Jersey Shore" Can Teach You About Finding a Job

Christina Macres | NonProfitPeople

Fist Pumping:

Jersey Definition:

A classic move typically involving a juiced up and over-tanned arm thrusting rapidly and enthusiastically in response to a variety of stimuli including but not limited to: slammin’ beats, hot girls and fellow fist pumpers.

Job Seeking Translation:

When interviewing with a potential employer, it is important to show genuine enthusiasm for the position. For example, be ready for the “What questions do you have for me?” segment of the interview. Remember, nothing shouts fist pumping enthusiasm like being prepared and thoughtful about a potential position.

Slammin’ Tip:

Need some inspiration? Check out these example questions:

1. Why is the position vacant?
2. What would my key responsibilities be?
3. What are the company’s growth plans?
4. How would you describe the culture or atmosphere?
5. Why do people that are here, stay here?

Know “The Situation”