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4 Things the "Jersey Shore" Can Teach You About Finding a Job

Christina Macres | NonProfitPeople

The Situation:

Jersey Definition:

A well-toned or absurdly nice body part. Commonly referring, but not restricted, to the abdominal muscles. Also used by MTV’s Michael Paul of Jersey Shore, in reference to his own physical appearance.

Job Seeking Translation:

Don’t be afraid to show some confidence! It’s no secret that employers seek employees with self-esteem. So in your next interview, be sure to assuredly show off your abilities.
How? Start by branding yourself. Just what do we mean by“brand yourself”? Take the episode where The Situation single handedly outfits every shopper with customized “The Situation” underwear, for example. Why not apply these practices to your next interview? Now, that doesn’t give you license to hand out silk-screened resume underwear…that would be tacky! It does, however, give you permission to make a name for yourself, by illustrating your skills and qualifications.

Slammin’ Tip:

Before submitting your resume and cover letter, study the ad and determine how your qualifications match the employer’s requirements. Then, use the job posting’s requirements as a means to speak to each of your skills and your experience – Bam, you’re the ideal candidate!

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