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4 Things the "Jersey Shore" Can Teach You About Finding a Job

Christina Macres | NonProfitPeople


Jersey Definition:

To get sucker punched by someone twice your size after you’ve had one drink too many and thought it was okay to essentially tell him that his hair isn’t actually bullet-proof.

Job Seeking Translation:

In the current job market/ economy, you can’t afford to be lackadaisical! And, when job seeking, it pays to be fervent. Yes, just like The Jersey Shore’s Snooki, when you feel like you’ve been beatin’ down by the job-hunt, you must pick yourself up and try, try again.

Slammin’ Tip:

The more job opportunities you apply for, the more likely you’ll get a call back from someone who has recognized your brilliance and is interested in talking with you further. So, apply, apply, apply and try to take bad news in stride. Good news? Emailing makes submitting a resume easier than identifying a Shore haircut!

Just remember these tips when formatting your electronic resume:

1. Use standard fonts.
2. Consider that underlining, italics, and fancy fonts may not scan well.
3.Use boldface and capitalization to set off elements.
4.Do not use any lines, boxes, or graphics.
5.Place the most important information at the top of the first page.
6.Try to keep your resume to one page.

You Hired, Yo? Celebrate!