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Work for Free While Unemployed: How and Why

Work for Free While Unemployed: How and Why

Jane Allerton | The Monster Blog

While I was going through the 17th revision of my resume for my job search, I was pondering how I might be able to keep my fingers on the pulse of marketing work while exploring some new industries. Then, when talking to a local running buddy at the weekly running club gathering spot (you never know who knows who), he suggested I volunteer my marketing expertise at a conference featuring C-level speakers. Another runner’s ears perked up and he said, “Jane, I’m running a global Green Supply Chain Sustainability conference in NYC next month, and I need marketing help.”

A terrific match of an opportunity to a skilled volunteer without even having run a single step! Also, I thought my young sons, Owen and Evan, would be proud of their mama working on a cutting-edge project that will enhance their futures with sustainable, green-orientated products and resources. A cool topic for them for “take their parent to career day” at preschool. What kid doesn’t like green? It’s also the color of money!

From that conversation grew a unique opportunity to interact with all the C-level speakers at this global conference. My marketing job for this conference was several fold. The first task was to insure that the speakers all had the requisite information about their speaking slot, the technical details for a smooth presentation and other basic conference information.

Then the second task was a series of follow-on engagements with the speakers to entice them to spread the word about their speaking presentation to the broader green community.

To that end, I shared several marketing communications with the speakers that they could easily use for their targeted audiences.

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