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Work for Free While Unemployed: How and Why

Work for Free While Unemployed: How and Why

Jane Allerton | The Monster Blog

Their conference presence and speaking engagement was also a useful tool for building their brands and reputations for their firms within the larger Green Supply Chain communities.

Showcasing my marketing skills in enabling others to be even more successful is a key strength in my professional arsenal. So volunteering my marketing skills in this area was second nature to me, but not to others. I strategically identified a gap and exploited my capabilities to maximize the impact of my volunteer work.

So a good deal of work ensued over a few short weeks, which, truth be told, I had drastically underestimated. There were some key lessons learned: be sure to volunteer with a time limit and a strategic outcome.

Fortunately for me, this global conference had a defined end point and will have a resulting product/output. I was targeting to take away two things from this volunteer work:

to have many new, high-level networking contacts in a hot new marketing domain

to have an important topic to share with folks when they ask, “So what have you been doing since you were downsized?”

Over the weekend, I was actually talking about my volunteer work and heard interesting feedback. In short, it is important to remember you used to get paid for this same work, so receiving parties shouldn’t take you for granted as always being there as a FREE resource.

Of course, other professional volunteer work can put you in the realm of being indispensable and being offered a paid position. And the power of networking is really a key dividend of this type of volunteer work. The results of this volunteer work will be evident to me in the next few weeks.

How do you intend to boost your network and experience by volunteering?