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12 Must-Avoid Job Interview Mistakes

12 Must-Avoid Job Interview Mistakes

Julie Gordon | BusinessWeek

Recruiters see all kinds of interview mistakes, some bordering on the shocking, such as bringing family members along, badmouthing former employers, dumping their personal belongings on hiring managers’ desks. The more common mistakes may be subtler, but they can torpedo a job interview almost as quickly.

From the obvious to the subtle, here are some good pointers to give you a leg up in that next interview. Among the tips for this stage of the application process: You don’t want to be unprepared or too rehearsed, or be labeled an HR stalker. Turning off a potential employer is easier than one might think.

To score a job, avoid these 12 mistakes that candidates often make during the interview process.

1. Being Unprepared for Standard Question:

2. Sounding Too Rehearsed:

3. Stalking HR:

4. Applying for the Wrong Job:

5. Arriving Too Early:

6. Oversharing:

7. Asking the Wrong Questions (Or No Questions at All):

8. Bungling the Salary Negotiation Process:

9. Failing to Show Enthusiasm:

10. Exaggerating Work Experience:

11. Being Rude:

12. Trashing a Former Employer: