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4 Reasons Your Job's Not Fun Anymore

4 Reasons Your Job's Not Fun Anymore

Renee Weisman | NonProfitPeople

Not only will this approach buy you more time to spend on the more challenging assignments (or to get out the door on time), it will also make you a more valuable employee. While you are at it, make sure your boss, who is also most likely overworked, knows how you have made the job more efficient.

3. A demanding boss or a difficult coworker can also take the fun out of work.

A good manager knows how to make his employees feel challenged and appreciated and will listen to their ideas (such as what you came up with in 1 or 2). If you are dealing with a boss who you really do not enjoy working for, he or she probably feels the same way about you. It’s time to look around. Is there another department to which you might transfer? Can you work more with your boss’s boss?

If the problem is a coworker, more likely than not she/she acts that way towards others as well. Is there a persistent, repeated behavior that is affecting your ability to get the job done? Is it time to deal with the person? Get some advice and take your time to do this right, but ignoring a difficult person just encourages the behavior that is bothering you. Be professional, businesslike and unemotional but let the person know that the behavior is impacting your ability to get the job done. Or, if you don’t need to interact with this person regularly, can you avoid him or her? Or move to a related department?

Surrounding yourself with positive people will make you more positive. Surrounding yourself with people you respect will make them respect you. Surrounding yourself with bright people will help you learn. Become of those people.

4. The final reason that work stops being fun usually has nothing at all to do with work.

Are you going through a difficult time with your family, your health, your finances, or some other situation? If so, don’t ignore it but get HELP. No matter how much you tell yourself it won’t affect the job, it will. Many companies provide counseling services and other advising to help you get through the difficult times.

You spend too many hours a day at work to dislike being there. If you find work monotonous, you will become dull. If you are tense at work, you will bring it home. If you are burning yourself out, you will lose your perspective for other things. Decide what it takes to bring the fun back and you will thank yourself every morning.