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5 Ways to Vet Your Next Employer

5 Ways to Vet Your Next Employer

Tania Khadder | NonProfitPeople

Research their financial health

This would be easier if you were dealing with a publicly traded company – they have to report their financials to the Securities and Exchange Commission, but a lot of nonprofit financial information can be found online as well.

Look on charity accreditation sites like Charity Navigator at the Form 990. Although this information may be overwhelming at first, the website has a tips section for donors that can also be helpful for jobseekers to learn more too.

Other ways to assess the financial strength of an organization are to look at their types of support, the growth of their programs over time, their program expenses and any salaries of note. Recently, many CEOs have taken cut back for their salaries. If this is the case, where is the excess salary being funneled to?

Finally, a simple Google search can yield valuable financial information in the form of news reports, feature articles, interviews, and more.

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