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5 Ways to Vet Your Next Employer

5 Ways to Vet Your Next Employer

Tania Khadder | NonProfitPeople

Look around you

When you go in for the interview, make sure to get a good look at your surroundings.

Are they still using clunky PCs from the 90s? Is the IT guy’s office also the “kitchen”? Are people sweating because it’s 90 degrees outside and the air conditioner is broken (and has been for months)? Although many of these may be more frequent office scenarios at a nonprofit, make sure you’re prepared to work in those conditions.

These are not minute details – you’re going to spending the majority of your day here. You’ll want to be comfortable. And antiquated computer systems will surely slow you down.

If this organization isn’t investing in its staff’s comfort, or giving them the tools necessary to succeed, it’s for one of two reasons: they can’t afford to or they’re choosing not to. Either way, this probably isn’t somewhere you want to work.

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