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10 Reasons You Love Your Nonprofit Job

Saunders M. | NonProfitPeople

10. Nonprofits Care about Their Employees:

Your nonprofit job gives you flexibility during the day. Although you may end up working some late nights and weekends, you don’t have to punch the clock everyday.

9. Broad Skill Sets Appreciated:

Nonprofit work is likened to working for a small business. If you have experience working in the business world, you love that you can easily translate it to the non-profit world and vice versa.

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8. Ownership and Autonomy:

You love that once you have an idea and you are given the green light to run with it. In a nonprofit job, you can have full ownership over your project from start to finish, usually without a manager checking up on you every five minutes.

7. Every Day is a Surprise:

There is never a normal day in the nonprofit world. One day you may be helping out with a fundraising event and the next you may be writing a grant or designing a website. With so much to do, everyday is different and you love the unexpected so it’s a perfect fit!

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