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10 Reasons You Love Your Nonprofit Job

Saunders M. | NonProfitPeople

3. Work with Other Changemakers:

You love working with people of like-minds, those who also want to improve the world we live in and help others. You love that your co-workers are passionate, talented and motivated people, just like you!

2. Commitment to the Cause:

You can’t picture yourself working for “the man.” Your bottom line is helping others and your community! You love working for something you care about. With a nonprofit career you know all those hours you spend at the office are ultimately the cause rather than someone else’s wallet.

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1. Working for the Greater Good:

You love that the work you do not only helps those you immediately serve, but could actually impact social change. The possibilities are so great at a nonprofit and you love having the opportunity to impact the future.

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