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How to Become a NonProfitPeople Star!

How to Become a NonProfitPeople Star!

One glance at the NonProfitPeople’s Leaderboard and it’s easy to see who’s a NonProfitPeople Superstar! So why should you care? Simply put, the more you post, interact and comment, the more stars, industry attention and feedback you receive!

Interested? Of course you are! Check out all the community features we have to offer and get a jumpstart on your nonprofit career!

Q: What other cool features does the leaderboard have to offer?

Find friends: The Leaderboard (found under the “Community” tab) is a great way to see who’s active in the community and who’s the best fit for building up that killer network of yours! These people are also most likely very knowledgeable about the industry – so what are you waiting for – private message them or write your questions on their wall.


Track Recent Activity: There are a lot of ways to check out what other professionals are doing on NonProfitPeople (like the “Recent Activity” Feed on the NonProfitPeople home page, for example) – and the Leaderboard is another great tool. Just click on a name and you’ll be sent to a profile with updates, quiz scores, discussion comments and much more!


Q: Speaking of the Leaderboard, how do you get on it?

Great question!

Every time you submit something to NonProfitPeople you get points. The more points you have, the more exposure, via the leaderboard and our on-site feeds, you gain. More exposure equals more networking connections and that can mean more job opportunities, inspiration, and industry contacts!


Here are some ways to engage with the community, show-off your awesome skills, share something poignant or funny and interact with people who share your interests.

Post Photos of Your Cause: If you’re in the nonprofit world, you know how important it is to have your organization seen! Why not use NonProfitPeople as your forum? Just create an album by clicking the “Books & Photos” tab, then the “Create an Album” link. Delete Edit

Post a Video: So many new commercials, industry tool seminars and career advice videos are created every day! Think a commercial is too funny, too stupid, too scandalous, too costly, too annoying, too disgusting or too ridiculous? Let the community know by uploading it with your comments! You know you’re brilliant, don’t hide it!

To upload a video, go to the “Video and Quizzes” tab, then click on the yellow “Submit a Video” button. Embed the link, add a witty description and a snazzy title and you’re all set!


Also, all submissions are considered when NonProfitPeople chooses its “Nonprofit Video” to be placed on the homepage!

Post a Discussion: So let’s say that you just heard about a great organization or job seeking resource, or want to know the best nonprofit organization that’s hiring now… ask your friends at NonProfitPeople! The discussion boards are a great place to ask the community and get honest feedback from real people who work in the field.


To post a discussion, go to the “Discussions” tab and click the yellow “Start New Forum Topic” button. And while you’re there, check out what other people are saying, post a comment and share your advice!

Post a poll: Feeling particularly marketer-like? Gather some info! Our polls are designed to spruce up any discussion and help you gather the information you desire! Post a question and a couple result scenarios and watch as your fellow NonProfitPeople weigh in!

To post a poll, go to the “Discussions” tab, then click on the yellow “Start New Forum Topic” just like you were going to post a discussion. Next, click on the “Add Poll” button.

Finish Creating Your Darn Profile:


The best way to represent yourself on NonProfitPeople is to actually represent yourself on NonProfitPeople! Get what we’re saying? Use it as a means of fashioning your identity. Let people know what you do, your goals, your career objectives, who you are and what you want from the community!

Give people a reason to contact you! Give industry professionals a reason to hire you or recommend job openings or potential gigs.

The more you engage with the community, the more it will engage with you!