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An Introduction to Myers-Briggs

An Introduction to Myers-Briggs

Jane C. Woods | NonProfitPeople

Here is a short story to help make it clearer. It’s Friday night and my colleague and I have a work party we feel we ought to attend. At 4pm neither of us wants to go and we are whinging away about it while clearing our desks. However, we have given a commitment and it would be rude and unkind to pull out at this stage and so we go.

At the party we are both the life and soul. We talk to everyone; we get up and dance when asked (and even when not), we enjoy the food, the wine, the company and to all intents and purposes we have a great time and no one would ever know we hadn’t wanted to go.

But one of us is an extravert and one of us is an introvert – yet we have both behaved in the same way. My colleague is an introvert. She has genuinely enjoyed the party but it has taken its toll and she looks forward to getting home to her own space and curling up with a book. Then she will replenish herself and the energies she has expended doing something that doesn’t come entirely naturally to her. She needs her private time, although she is very sociable, has great social skills, and not at all shy.

I too am looking forward to going home and resting my weary feet and curling up in bed with a good book. But I have no need of replenishment. I have just gained enormous energy from being with people and doing what comes naturally. I still enjoy my private space, everyone needs a bit of time to themselves, but there is a qualitative difference between me and my friend.


I have found using the MBTI to be enormously helpful, not only in coaching but in my own personal development. I love the fact that it doesn’t preach or tell you you’re wrong or lacking in something! If applied correctly, it merely helps you look at yourself in a way that is supportive and useful. If you would like a consultation or any more information, do contact me.

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