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How Long Will My Job Search Take?

Abby Locke | NonProfitPeople

      1. First of all, where are you mentally and emotionally in your job search? To be successful, you will need the right attitude and motivation to keep you going when things get really tough and it seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel.

      2. How organized are you? Posted your resumes on several career websites, blasting it out to recruiters and applying online to positions that match your background is not an organized strategy.

      – Set realistic daily and weekly goals as part of a multifaceted job search that covers both online and offline strategies and networking should be a HUGE part of your ongoing efforts.

      3. Are you marketing a consistent message of value? Let’s face it, there are plenty of well-experienced and qualified candidates besides you, so what are you bringing to the table to get the employers’ attention?

      – Identify, build, and promote your personal brand – not in a way that just makes you look good, but in a manner that positions you as the solution for employers. If you are able to make it better, faster, more efficient and more profitable, make sure that you say so.

      4) Do you know that you have tons of resources of tools available to you? Don’t wade through your job search in the dark – there are a myriad of blogs, informational websites, forum, jobsearch groups, LinkedIn groups and Twitter resources that can keep you informed and up-to-date as you seek new employment.

      5) Are you going it alone? Regardless of what it feels like in your world, there are many other professionals that are going through the same thing. I don’t recommend teaming up with anyone who will bring your mood down and weigh you down with negativity, but seek out others who are in a job search, develop your own board of directors for job search support or join an already established job search support club that meets on a regular basis.

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