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Hooray, an Interview! Oh no, an Interview!

Rosa E. Vargas |

After such a labor-intensive job search, you now have earned the ‘nerve-wracking’ interview. You have also begun to obsess about the plentiful competition. It seems as if everyone you know needs a job. So, how can you relax when you must master the interview? (Don’t worry. I’ll tell you how you can ‘untwist your knickers.’)

You must differentiate yourself by adopting an outwardly tracked mindset. Instead of obsessing about how well you will perform during the job interview, resolve to focus on servicing the interviewer! Ask yourself, “How can I service this person I am about to meet and the company they represent?” I know. I can hear you now, “it sounds simpler than it is”—and yet, it really is easy. If you are qualified, have researched the company, and if you know how to gather your thoughts and communicate them verbally—it’s in the bag!

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