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Top 3 Mistakes People Make on LinkedIn

Joshua Waldman |

Mistake 1: Not Having a Brand

Shoe companies have brands, not people!


Looking for a job is just another sales situation. You are your product. And everything about you is going to either sell you, or turn people away.

It’s really just a choice you have to make inside.

Just like how we make buying decisions emotionally, sometimes based on silly things, like the color of the packaging. So too do hiring managers unconsciously make decisions about our candidacy.

If your Resume doesn’t quite match your LinkedIn profile, and that doesn’t match what your referral said about you, then you are in big trouble.

The risk of being inconsistent is huge, and it helps to have defined “who you are” long before you put yourself out there.

The second part of branding is knowing your audience. What are their 2 biggest problems right now, that you could potentially solve?

The trick is to align the “who you are” with the “what they need”, so that there is a nice overlap.

This, my friends, is your personal brand. It will define your strategy, your writing style, your colors, photos and everything else about you online.

Most people crank out their LinkedIn profile without doing this step first.

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