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Changing Careers? Zig-zag Your Way Into New Territory!

Ilona Vanderwoude | CAREEREALISM

From Science to Social Services

When the company she worked for folded two years later, she saw it as an opportunity to pursue her new passion.

Her goal: moving into social services – without the ‘right’ academic background. Make that: without a ‘remotely related’ academic background!

Maria was very organized about her transition. She even leveraged her analytical abilities she used in her technology career (in which, by the way, she flourished) to plan the next chapter.

She considered her options, talked to people, and saved up her money.

A few months later, she landed a training position at a for-profit university that specializes in technology. Maria trained homeless and at-risk adults (18 – 60+ yrs old) in soft skills and hard skills needed in the workplace.

Here, she leveraged her technology background and volunteer experience with young adults.

How did she get this job?

Networking without realizing she was doing it! She sort of sheepishly mentioned her plans to a college friend over dinner. His wife happened to know someone who was looking for a trainer.

Within two years, she had become the director of training; she managed the entire career development department and she even created a new workforce center.

After another few years, Maria was getting restless again and shifted to a non-profit function in higher education – working with college students and alumni on career development.

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