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Ace the Career Fair

Emily Bennington | CareerRealism

With so many potential employers in one spot, you definitely want to make a good impression, right? So when thinking about your approach to an upcoming career fair, it may help to start by putting yourself in the shoes of the campus recruiter. In other words…

•You are meeting a lot of students in one day. (A lot of students!)

•You have a series of interviews stacked on top of each other in 30 minute blocks.

•You are not looking for “good” students, you want to find Rock Stars!

I’ve been involved in lots of interviews and most are pretty perfunctory. For example, nine times out of ten the student being interviewed is professional, eager to please, and will probably do fine in the workforce. As a recruiter, though, I don’t want “fine” – I want GREAT. I want someone that will make me spit out my coffee and hire them on the spot. How can YOU become one of the “greats”?

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