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Ace the Career Fair

Emily Bennington | CareerRealism

Have a plan: Don’t even think of going into a career fair without knowing a.) who’s going to be there and b.) who you want to speak with. Recruiters don’t want to feel like you just stumbled on to their booth. They want to feel like your TOP choice, even if you’re still playing the field.

Have a clue: Research, research, research. These days companies have put themselves out there so much on the web and through social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) there’s really no excuse for not knowing basic information such as core services areas and key players. Also, if you can find out who is doing the on-campus interviews for one of your top picks, don’t be afraid to call them in advance to introduce yourself. (Hint: No one does this!)

Understand how you’re being evaluated: To make the recruiting process more objective, most employers simply fill out a simple ratings sheet for each person they interview. These sheets are pretty standard and will usually cover things like personal appearance, professionalism, knowledge of the business, GPA, and so on.

Know How to Talk About YOU