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Ladies, It's Not Bragging. It's Self-Promoting

Ladies, It's Not Bragging. It's Self-Promoting

Abby Locke | Executive Career Insights

I have partnered with many successful professional women in developing their executive resumes and career marketing materials and have always noticed a consistent trend.

When it comes to really promoting themselves, highlighting their achievements or simply tooting their horns, I hear " I am not comfortable bragging about myself"

• Are you guilty of working really hard, plugging away in your office and just making the assumption that your boss, colleagues and senior management will take notice at the right time?

• Have you been overlooked for promotions that you deserve because you walk into performance reviews without a solid record of your recent achievements and contributions?

Unfortunately, this is a challenge that a lot of professional women face – traditionally, we are raised to be modest and we hold on to the notion that as long as we continue to work hard and do our best, we will get rewarded in the end.

If you have identified your executive brand, that is great, but if you are not consistently communicating your message (validated with career achievements and individual contributions), you will continue to be overlooked in today’s competitive and evolving workplace.

I realize that you cannot change your personality and working style overnight, but here are six strategies that you can execute over the next year to get you moving in the right direction.

1) Learn the language of self-promotion

While I certainly don’t recommend that you start telling everyone that the firm cannot survive without you, there are subtle phrases and key words that can add power to your statements. The key is to interject them carefully into your conversations and discussions in a manner that is comfortable for you. For example:

Bragging: “This deal couldn’t have happened with me”

Self-Promoting: “While leading a cross-functional team of 40 professionals, I was able to turnaround a rapidly declining project by implementing a first-of-its-kind marketing initiative.”

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