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The Importance of “Staying in the Loop” at Work

By CAREEREALISM-Approved Expert, Andy Robinson

So, what CAN you do to stay in the loop? How do you KEEP CURRENT on company events, happenings and results? Consider these ideas:

- Build and maintain your internal network, particularly with individuals outside of your group or department. Expand your “coverage” within the company. Go to lunch, have coffee, attend company outings, etc.

- Set up a “Google Alert” using your company name as the search string. You can have those alerts routed to your email box or dropped into Google Reader if you subscribe to that application.

- Stay in touch with alumni – people who have left the company. You’ll be surprised at how “in the loop” some of those people can be.

- Maintain a great relationship with your boss/manager/supervisor. Spend time with them often. Ask questions, be alert for signals.

- Read all information published by your company – newsletters, annual reports, press releases, etc.

- Keep your eyes and ears open. Be alert when “outsiders” visit the company, particularly if they spend time interviewing the management team. Ask about those situations.

- Share knowledge YOU gain with others. You’ll set up a reciprocal type relationship when you do so.

A final note: Beware of the “Rumor Mill” – confirm things you hear with others in the organization whom you trust. Don’t be shy about asking your boss or supervisor. Dispel rumors once you know the real story – don’t let them fester.

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