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Twitter is the New Tool for Job Seekers

Jessica Miller-Merrell | CAREEREALISM

Being in the job search is tough and as a job seeker you are not alone, especially with the more than 15 million who are out of work and in the job hunt. People don’t prepare for the job search although they should at least six months in advance. This provides you an opportunity to grow and build your network using both traditional (face to face networking) and non-traditional methods (social media networking).

One non-traditional networking tool is Twitter. Think of Twitter as a virtual cocktail party with more than 27 million people in attendance. Like any traditional cocktail party or networking event, there are conversations (known as your Twitter stream) that happen all around you. Twitter is no different. Because your purposes for Twitter are primarily business based, it is extremely important to selectively join and be present for key conversations among decision makers or influencers in the industry in which you are looking for work or in your community.

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