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What Kind of Networker Are You?

By Jonathan Farrington

The Loner

  • Likes to do most things by themselves (because they do it faster or better)
  • Doesn’t want to bother or worry other people
  • Feels that their knowledge and skills are often superior to most people
  • Only asks for help as a last resort (and when it may be too late)

The Loner is an easily recognizable type, because there are times when we all believe that we will do better ourselves than if we ask others for help. The Loner will not usually want to bother anyone else, or necessarily see much point in doing so, believing that others will be slower and will set lower standards.

Unfortunately, the Loner attitude is a major obstacle to effective networking. We need to shift our thinking greatly in this area. We should be more willing to let others assist, and we should even ask for help more often.