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How To Build a Better Home Office

Nealeigh Mitchell l NonProfitPeople

Nine to Five

Successfully balancing work and home life is a major task. There’s an ongoing danger of slacking off — or worse — becoming a workaholic. Cubicle workers don’t have to worry about their work following them home. You shouldn’t either. Physically separating the two by creating a designated space is the first step. But don’t let the office bleed into your home life by sleeping with your BlackBerry or checking invoices at the dinner table.

Conversely, know that whenever you enter your office you are there to work. Not to fold laundry, write a grocery list, or chat with a friend.

To get into the groove, try following the same schedule you would if you were heading to the office. Wake up with your alarm, get dressed and get to work. Take your usual breaks but consider a stroll around the block to re-energize. It sure beats a waddle to the vending machine. Keeping a regimented schedule will help you feel like you’ve put in a complete workday. You could even fill out a time sheet to keep yourself on track.

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