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How To Build a Better Home Office

Nealeigh Mitchell l NonProfitPeople

Ergonomically Speaking

Carpal tunnel is no joke. With the typical worker spending 40+ hours a week hunched behind a desk, office supply manufacturers (and chiropractors) are all about health and injury prevention. Improper office furniture can have a huge impact on productivity. It’s critically important that you set up with safety in mind.

First and foremost, splurge on a comfortable chair. They can be pricey, but a bad back is pricier. Always take it out for a test drive at the store and then search for a cheaper deal. Computer screen, keyboards, mouse and footrests can all be designed with your body in mind.

Lighting is also a key component to a healthy office. Proper lighting can help with eyestrain and fatigue, and ward off headaches and double vision. Natural light is best, but be sure to position your computer screen to avoid glare. Plus, all light bulbs are not created equal. Warm incandescents are the best option for sensitive eyes.

And while it may not affect your health, noise can certainly affect your output. Cut off the T.V. or radio and opt for soothing sound machines or even a fish tank to keep you going.

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