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How To Build a Better Home Office

Nealeigh Mitchell l NonProfitPeople

Do Not Disturb

Convincing people your home business is legit is difficult enough. Don’t let them tread over your ambitions by taking advantage of your proximity and “availability.” Create a barrier, either literally or figuratively, that family members and guests cannot cross during office hours. Established boundaries will foster respect.

Working mothers need to make sure children know that just because mommy’s home doesn’t mean she can finger paint. Make clear that office supplies are not to be used for science projects and trips to the park will have to wait until you’re on your lunch break. Hire care if needed. Plus, nothing sinks a deal faster than a child picking up the phone and babbling to a client.

Don’t take personal calls from nine to five. A designated business phone line will help filter out untimely disruptions. Finally, don’t feel bad about locking the door at the end of the day. Your livelihood is at stake.

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