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How To Build a Better Home Office

Nealeigh Mitchell l NonProfitPeople

Tools of the Trade

I’m at my desk. Now where’s my pen? There’s nothing as maddening as searching for supplies. A well-stocked home office is a happy home office. It should function like your cubicle where everything is within arms reach.

Here are some office essentials:

Filing system: This is perhaps the most integral part of your office. Go out and buy the sturdiest cabinet on the market, one that won’t buckle under a heavy load. Set up an intuitive filing system based on your business and make sure to file on a daily basis. Stray files are a home office’s nemesis.

Supplies: his may seem like a no-brainer but you’d be surprised at how easily scissors go missing, especially with children in the house. Purchase an entire set of supplies and label them "For Work Only.”

Calendar: Maintain a working calendar with both personal and professional deadlines. Keep it in clear view on a corkboard or desktop to be easily referenced.

Electronics: Depending on your company, you may need a fax, scanner, and photo printer to properly run your business. Above all, make sure you have a separate phone line and answering machine for company calls. That way you’ll never have to worry about an unprofessional “Hello” or an erased message.

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