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How To Build a Better Home Office

Nealeigh Mitchell l NonProfitPeople

Spruce Up Your Space

Did your ex-cubicle leave you uninspired? Did its drabness sop up your creative juices? Well, feel free to add some spice by personalizing your new space. You can decorate your office with individuality without offending clients.

Studies show that color can greatly affect your energy level and overall health. Splash your walls a lively hue to stay focused and motivated. Keeping your business cards front and center does wonders as well. Eye-catching paintings and posters can also make it a more pleasurable space but there’s nothing like a family photo to keep you content. And remember, you can quickly see the real thing when the whistle blows.

Also, add life to your office with a fish tank or potted plants. The fresh oxygen will pep you up!

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