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The Beginner's Guide to Social Media Success

Hamsa Ramesha | NonProfitPeople


As in life, Facebook is nothing without garnering the right network of friends; this can be all-the-more tricky when you’re setting up a profile for a corporation and not a person. This is where a more personal tone comes in handy. Start by finding your real-world friends, and/or employees. Don’t expect everyone to accept a friend request – some employees will undoubtedly wish to keep their Facebook self private from their corporate self, and that’s perfectly understandable.

Check your privacy settings to get the level of visibility you want. Would you like your Facebook profile to show up on Google? Or would you prefer your visibility be limited to people in your network, or just to your friends of friends? Facebook’s latest privacy settings give you more control as to who can see each detail on your profile. It’s time well spent to go through them all and make sure each setting is where you want it to be.

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