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Most Scandalous Workplace Hookups

Nealeigh Mitchell | Excelle

Ad Exec : Ad Exec

THE FROLIC: Sex may not always sell… but it sure spreads on the Internet for free. In late 2008, two New York advertising executives became infamous online sex stars after a tape of the two having sex on the office floor went viral. A co-worker who stumbled upon the cubicle coupling alerted his buddy, who then taped the after-hour sexcapade. So how did a 60-second cell phone recording sent to a few office colleagues end up on and in thousands of inboxes? That’s the magic of the Internet.

THE FALLOUT: Apparently taping the act is worse than doing it, to HR anyway. The company fired the voyeur for recording the fornicators (both reportedly married and one high up on the company ladder) but the two unnamed execs have kept their jobs. Mad Men producers must be proud.

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