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Most Scandalous Workplace Hookups

Nealeigh Mitchell | Excelle

Saudi Arabian Man : T.V. Viewers

THE FROLIC: To ere is human, but keep it behind closed doors if you live in an ultra conservative country. In 2009, the Saudi Arabian government pulled the plug on a Lebanese broadcaster operating in the Kingdom after a lewd episode sent viewers scrambling for the remote. When producers of The Bold Red Line asked a divorced airline employee on as a guest, they had no idea he’d single handedly bring down the popular talk show by spewing erotic foreplay talk, a detailed aphrodisiac recipe, a recap of his personal sexual exploits and even a sex toy demo. Producers claim they edited the video to show the least amount of naughty bits, but still gave the lascivious chat fest a green light. Unfortunately, it wasn’t kosher suppertime entertainment for this strict Muslim kingdom.

THE FALLOUT: In a country that enforces strict segregation of sexes and deems making love outside of marriage illegal, sexual immoralities rarely see the light of day. Air your dirty laundry and face a stiff punishment. The father of four is begging for forgiveness behind bars after being charged with “publicizing vice.” He could face 20 years in jail or even death. However, his attorneys aim to sue the station over misrepresentation. Meanwhile, the station itself is struggling to reinstate its operating license.

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