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Most Scandalous Workplace Hookups

Nealeigh Mitchell | Excelle

British Envoy : Prostitutes

THE FROLIC: Russian intelligence agency sets up sex sting. Prostitutes lure British diplomat into hotel room. Recording equipment tapes sexual activity. Video leaked on the Internet. Britain shamed. Envoy resigns amid scandal. No, this isn’t a sneak peak at the next James Bond film. In 2009, Deputy Consul General James Hudson was allegedly caught in a “honeytrap” and taped having sex with two Russian hookers. A link to the 4-minute video clip, titled “The Adventures of Mr. Hudson in Russia,” was immediately posted on a Russian news site.

THE FALLOUT: Hudson never admitted to whether he appeared in the video, but he resigned his post soon after the scandal broke. Outraged British officials accused the Russians of staging a sting to either blackmail Hudson or embarrass the country. Russian security services are known for masterminding such operations and British officials routinely warn their envoys of frequent entrapment attempts.

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