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NonProfitPeople's Guide to Work Happy Hour Etiquette

NonProfitPeople's Guide to Work Happy Hour Etiquette

Jeff Hindenach | NonProfitPeople

Don’t Get Sloppy

Doing shots off the stomach of the girl from Accounting is a big no-no. Dancing on the bar is probably frowned upon. And joining in on Jager-bomb races can only lead to trouble. These are extreme examples, but even having one too many beers can put you on the road to embarrassment. Keep track of how much you are drinking, and have a glass of water handy to sip between drinks. If you find yourself getting tipsy, excuse yourself and hail yourself a cab home.

Keep Trash Talking to a Minimum

You may find it a little harder to keep work gossip to yourself once you’ve had a few. Try harder. Chances are if you’re drunk, you may be talking at a louder volume than you think. It’s true what they say — loose lips sink ships, and you could be sinking your career ship if you’re branded the office gossip.

This Is Not Jersey Shore

Alcohol is a mood accelerant. If you dislike someone from the office, emotions can run high once you start knocking them back. Don’t pick a fight. Whether it be physical or verbal, fighting at a work happy hour creates an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved and could even lead to your termination if it gets out of hand.

Remember the Consequences

No matter what happens during happy hour, you’re going to have to deal with the fallout the next day. As fun as your coworkers might be, you have to know when to say enough is enough. If you are worried you won’t be able to cut yourself off, designate a responsible coworker to tell you when you’ve had enough.

While an office happy hour can be a great way to network at work, it can also easily destroy your career with one wrong move. Watch your alcohol intake, keep a cool head, and keep the conversation light and you’ll be fine. Enjoy yourself!

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