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7 Tips to Make Meetings More Interesting

7 Tips to Make Meetings More Interesting

Jeff Hindenach | NonProfitPeople

Keep the Blood Sugar Up

While donuts and brownies might be bad for you, in small doses they can help elevate your blood sugar during a long meeting and keep your brain active. Offering some kind of simple sugar like bananas, sodas, muffins, or candy will help perk everybody up.

Try this: If you think people will shy away from the donut method, bring a bag of mini candy bars in and hand them out whenever anyone participates in the discussion. It not only gives them a boost of sugar, but also encourages and validates their contribution to the conversation.

Be Concise

Most meetings don’t need to last more than an hour at the most. Keeping people in a confined space for longer than that is just going to make everyone shut down mentally. Not every person needs to be in every meeting. Think about breaking up huge, drawn-out meetings into smaller, quicker meetings with fewer people.

Try this: It’s up to you to make sure everyone stays on topic. Hit the key points. Keep brainstorming sessions to five or 10 minutes, since the best ideas usually come out within that time frame. And no matter you’re at when the hour is up, cut it off and plan to meet at a different time.