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World's 5 Best Business Travel Tips

World's 5 Best Business Travel Tips

Christina Macres | NonProfitPeople

#3 Know the Airports With Wireless

Knowing where you can access fast, dependable Internet becomes very important when work must be completed in-between travels — sometimes between flights! Stay at your most productive and catch your flight by knowing which airports have reliable wireless connections. Check out this link: Wireless Internet Guide to 219 US Airports to get the 411 on airport wireless you can count on.

#4 Keep Up On Mental and Physical Health

A job that keeps you on the road probably keeps you out of the gym. But studies have shown that not taking care of your body properly only promotes a bad work ethic in the long run. Eating healthfully and getting the proper amount of exercise give you more energy for traveling (and who doesn’t need that!) and serves as an escape from travel and work-related stresses. Your best bet? Check out your hotel’s fitness center or take part in a walking or jogging tour of your destination city. Some airports even have walking programs for those waiting for flights. And, if you’re really curious you can take a look at the airline food calorie guide, but beware — those numbers can get scary.

#5 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Traveling from country to country might be a great way to fill a passport, but it’s a terrible way to save the environment. Use these proven ways to reduce your carbon footprint (for free!) next time you’re away on business.

Choose green accommodations. Websites like the International Ecotourism Society make finding eco-friendly lodging easy.

Shop local. When in a new place, really enjoy all that the region has to offer by gobbling up the localy-sourced produce.

Reuse your sheets and towels. You don’t wash your sheets every night in your own home, why have the hotel waste water washing linens that aren’t dirty?

Choose a hybrid. When possible, rent a hybrid instead of a gas-guzzler. You’ll make the environment and your wallet a lot happier.

Just remember, traveling for work can be extremely rewarding. Employ these tips to make the most out of your travels and make your cubicle dwellers even more envious!