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10 Ways You're Annoying Your Coworkers

Steve Berman | NonProfitPeople

Annoyance No. 2: A Dirty Desk

Soda cans. Coffee cups. Assorted papers and office supplies. Leftover food. We’ve all seen these things pile up on an office slob’s desk, and some might wonder — whom does it really harm?

Actually, it can bother people more than you think. If your desk is so cluttered that your mess infringes on a coworker’s workspace, it’s attracting flies, or you’re losing or soiling important documents, you’re going to get a reputation as sloppy, immature, and incompetent — not a good trio of characteristics!

Annoyance No. 3: M.I.A. Employee

While everyone else is busy plugging away at their computers, you’re never anywhere to be found. You’re either taking a long lunch, on one of your many breaks or calling in sick (again). While nobody wants to see you chained to your desk, your empty chair can symbolize something you don’t want to be associated with: laziness.

You might think it’s nobody else’s business, but that’s the thing about work — everything is everyone else’s business. People are constantly comparing themselves to their peers and superiors alike, and will grow to resent people who don’t seem to be putting in a full day’s work. Wondering if people notice how often you’re outside taking a smoke break or leaving early? Stop wondering. They notice.

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