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The 10 Worst Fashion Mistakes: Women

Anna Hennings, Kayla Baxter, and Alice Handley

Footless Leggings and Spandex/Yoga Pants

Leggings and spandex pants are in the perfect shape for your next yoga or Pilates class, not for your upcoming presentation — or even a conference call. Yes, even a call. No one can see what you’re wearing over the phone, but that’s our point: They’re never appropriate for the office, not as a layer under a skirt and especially not worn alone as pants.

What’s worse? Extremely bold-hued leggings, leggings with zipped hems or the worst — a combination of the two.

Tights – both opaque and sheer – are perfectly acceptable for the office and provide the same coverage as leggings but with a polished look.

The Exception

Acrobats, professional wrestlers

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