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Quick Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

Quick Social Media Tips for Nonprofits

Get your social media efforts up and running.

Nancy E. Schwartz | Getting Attention

Let me introduce you to guest blogger Celeste Wroblewski, vice president of external relations at Donors Forum in Illinois. Celeste is a longtime friend and colleague, and one of the smartest minds in the field…

As I review advice on social media for nonprofits, I often come across rules like these:

•It’s about conversing and listening: It’s not about sharing your own news.

•Post X times a week on your blog and X times a day on Facebook.

•For every tweet about your organization, tweet four times about others.

While this advice works well for some, I think it overwhelms beginners and those working in small organizations. Moreover, this approach generates a flood of content for those who read these posts, updates and Tweets.

At Donors Forum in Illinois, we believe that there are no rules or, at least, that it’s time to reexamine them. Our strategy is to:

•Blog – which

•Publish these posts on Facebook and Twitter (to reach additional members of our base, and as a convenience for those already active on those platforms), and;

•Display a rotating feed of this same information

This streamlined approach is shaped by the limited size of our communications team (1.5 people) and by the knowledge that our constituents are already overloaded.

As social media proliferates, the messages have become overwhelming and the conversations recursive. And we know that, consistent with our mission, our constituents want us to filter and curate information.

Our social media strategy follows suit. We do not converse simply to converse—we don’t do #FollowFriday, we don’t retweet a lot, we don’t provide accounts of mundane activities.

What we do is to concentrate on what is most important to grantmakers and nonprofits in Illinois.

So, what do you think: Can less be more in social media?

This article was originally published on Getting Attention

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